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If I Were President of the U.S.A.

- Rhett Totten - (c) 2018

... I would --out of respect for the Constitution-- appoint as many federal judges as possible (on all levels) who are all devoted primarily to the original meaning of the Constitution, using a textualist approach, respecting reasonable precedents ...rejecting legislation from the bench. Legislators should do the legislating. -- For example: People don't have a "Constitutional right" to college education, jobs, housing, transportation, insurance, or medical care. It's often good for government to help, but such help is not mandated in the Constitution, therefore, it is not a Constitutional right. Foreigners have no Constitutional right to enter the U.S.; nor a right to stay if they have entered illegally --though they may be interviewed to see if there is a legitimate asylum claim.

... I would cut burdensome taxes --mostly for the middle class, and the overly heavy taxes on businesses, with more child tax credits for families and higher basic deductions for individuals and on mortgages and state taxes.

... I would cut a lot of unnecessary regulation burdens on the economy and on businesses. I would free up the mining and moving of natural gas and oil ...keeping everything as clean to the environment as possible. Encouraging renewable energy.

... I would re-align the health industry to emphasize an efficient "Direct Primary Care" model, which charges patients a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee which covers all (or most all) primary care issues, including consults, labs, many pharmaceuticals, and care management. This basic level could be covered on a graduated scale for the genuinely poor/disabled. More serious issues not covered by DPC would be covered by a high-deductible insurance policy to cover emergencies. As is the policy in Great Britain, people who are obese, or abusers of alcohol/illegal substances, or recently smokers of anything, would not (as a rule) be eligible to receive any major surgery.

... I would establish a computerized national database for opioids and dangerous classes of drugs, such that every prescription and pharmacy distribution must be logged into this database so that doctors and pharmacists know what is happening.

... I would tighten the distribution of entitlements, cutting out abuse and fraud. For example statistics seem to indicate that a lot more people are on disability than is truly related to legitimate disability --many are "gaming the system." There is a difference between the responsible poor who legitimately need help, and the irresponsible poor who could work and don't deserve a limitless amount of assistance. And people with partial disability should be required to work at an appropriate level. The system should cut out welfare & assistance abuse and fraud by a program of work-fair instead.

... I would encourage the modification of most teacher/professor tenure programs in U.S. public educational institutions. There should always be a way to fire ineffective teachers/professors. Job security and bonuses should be performance based. Students at primary and secondary levels should have educational vouchers they can use at schools that are most effective. Ineffective schools should be re-tooled. The U.S. shouldn't be near the top of the world in spending for education (as it now is), and also be 25th in the world in math and sciences.

... I would work to enforce all the laws on the books possible, at every level. Drug dealers and violent gangs/criminals need to be hammered. Bad cops should be prosecuted. --Convicted mass murderers/terrorists should be executed. --Sexual assault should be prosecuted ...but not all allegations should be necessarily taken as being truth without the proof. -- And lawyers on both sides (defense and prosecution) of any case should seek and reveal all the relevant facts about it, seeking a just outcome only (as dictated by the facts alone and not lawyer shenanigans) no matter who wins or loses.

... I would re-negotiate any international trade deals where there is a deficit that is unfair to the U.S. --The goal of every trade deal would be parity, and a 50/50 fair balance for both sides. I would penalize countries (and companies) that have stolen intellectual property from U.S. companies. I would hammer cyber-criminals, hackers and thieves with cyber-attacks and financial consequences on their assets.

... I would do heavy lifting to re-build the military. I would make it more efficient; less wasteful. I would install a national security team who understands and can cut through international lies and baloney.

... I would hammer evil foreign leaders who use things like illegal chemical weapons on civilians, and would take out part of their airforce (for example) every time they do it. I would develop a high level of cyber warfare security and capability, and AI warfare abilities.

... I would require foreign countries (even allies) who have long been relying on U.S. money and forces to prop up their military, to get past this leftover perspective from WW II, and start almost totally paying for their own self-defense in the world.

... I would move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I would back Israel to the degree that they support us. I would support any country --including all foreign aid-- only to the degree that they are friends who support U.S. interests.

... I would enforce immigration laws. The law is the law. Illegal is illegal. There should be a pathway to citizenship for most DACA kids. -- The U.S. should handle its airport security much like Israel does. --I would establish a very tough physical barrier along the southern border --including AI drones and sensors-- especially to keep out drugs. --I would set up a "processing center" right along the border, with officials and judges and an efficient court in it, and a rejection door that opens up right back into Mexico. No catch and release onto U.S. soil. And people who came back after being deported would be reevaluated and (if confirmed guilty) quickly processed right into prison for the appropriate time. People came back repeated times would get it even harder. --I would seek people to immigrate according to merit, but would shut down lottery and chain immigration. --And the seeking of asylum is often bogus and should be quickly vetted by the border judges.

... I would hammer cities, states and officials in the U.S. that refuse to reasonably help enforce federal laws (eg. "Sanctuary Cities")... with lawsuits and prosecutions of places and officials who violate, and the loss of many federal benefits and grants for such refusal.

... I would work to de-fund Planned Parenthood and other such organizations.

...if I were President.

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