"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Plato

U.S.A. Cultural Fails and Ridiculousness

A listing of stupidities, dangers, and peeves endured in American life --which hopefully may soon change or disappear.

Women Wearing Plunging Neck-lines --like most of the way or even all the way to the navel! ...often worn by Hollywood types. --A visual sexual assault on viewers. Disgustingly indecent! --As a result, they have no right to say anything against sexual harassers. Get off the TV!

In movies: Little Petite Women (weighing maybe 90 lbs.) who --with one slug or a kick-- knock the tar out of massive MMA fighter-type guys. --Yeah, right!

English Usage Error: This is heard every day when people begin an entire paragraph with the word: "So...". --What nonsense. The word "so" means: "because of what I have just previously stated in the first part of this sentence, the next part logically follows;" ...but the person has not said anything yet! "So" is the first word! It sounds so silly and ignorant, but one hears it every day. --Please, stop this, people!

One might call it "The Pee Scene" in movies. --Two guys talk while standing there going #1. --How stupid (and awkward) is this movie setting?

Women Wearing Tights out on the public square... often without even a long jacket or tunic to spare the public from a full view of the jiggling, wiggling, intimate optics. --Give us a break! --This is one of the worst "fashion" fads for decades.

Dangerous Dogs: Pit Bulls and a few other vicious breeds (bred to be so) maim and kill people every year (even their own masters). Most of the owners seem sociopathic to some degree and should do jail-time &/or fines for their dogs' injurious actions. --No wonder some towns are banning such breeds.

Gluten-Free Diet Fad: Per the Genetic Literacy Project.org, only about 1% need such a diet. For almost all the rest going "gluten free" (110 million) it's based on wrong info & assumptions & may result in poorer nutrition --especially for kids (sad). --Consult a doctor.

Politicized Award Shows: No wonder the ratings for these shows are diving. --Just because these people can act or sing, they think the public wants to hear their political tirades. --Wrong! --It is so tiresome!

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