"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Plato

U.S.A. Cultural Fails and Ridiculousness

A listing of stupidities, dangers, and peeves endured in American life --which hopefully may soon change or disappear.

In movies: Little Petite Women (weighing maybe 85 lbs.) who --with one slug or a kick-- knock the tar out of massive MMA fighter-type guys. --Yeah, right!

English Usage Error: This is heard every day when people (often when answering a question) begin an entire paragraph with the word: "So...". --What nonsense. The word "so" means: "...therefore, because of what I have just previously stated in the first part of this sentence, the next part logically follows;" ...but the person has not said anything yet! "So" is their first word! --It sounds so silly and ignorant, but one hears it all the time. Let's stop this fadish mistake.

Women Wearing Plunging Neck-lines --like half-way or even all the way to the navel! ...as seen at Hollywood award shows. --A revealing visual sexual assault on viewers. Disgustingly indecent! --As a result, they have no right to say anything like #MeToo against sexual harassers. --Get off the TV!

Politicized Award Shows: No wonder the ratings for these shows are tanking. --Just because these people can act or sing, they think the public wants to hear their little political tirades on an award show. --Wrong. --It is so tiresome!

One might call it "The Pee Scene," found in recent movies. --Two guys talk while standing there going #1. --How stupid (and awkward) is this movie setting?

Women Wearing Tights out in public... often without even a long jacket or tunic to spare the public from a full view of the jiggling, wiggling, intimate optics. --Give us a break! --This is one of the worst "fashion" fads for decades.

Dangerous Dogs: Pit Bulls and a few other vicious breeds (you can look up the worst attackers) maim and kill people every year (even their own masters). --No wonder some towns are banning such breeds. Most of the owners seem sociopathic to some degree and should do jail-time &/or fines for their dogs' injurious actions.

Gluten-Free Diet Fad: Per the Genetic Literacy Project.org, less than 1% need such a diet. For almost all the rest (110 million), going "gluten free" it's based on wrong info & assumptions & may result in poorer nutrition --especially for kids (sad). --Consult a qualified doctor/dietician.

Unfair Trans-Gender Athletes:...when the people they are competing against don't have as much testosterone, etc. What a cheating rip-off! --Doctors should certify first (even at middle-school levels) that the transition is at least 90% complete. There must be a level playing field in this regard.

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