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The Moral Failure of This Generation
(c) 2019

Since the beginning, humankind has committed evil. --However, all is not lost, because God, in his love, has provided a way of escape from the ultimate effects of man's sin and the final penalty for it.

Aside from human evils throughout history, the particular focus of this article is the extreme moral failure of this current generation of mankind since 1980.

#1: Abortion

The issue of abortion is the primary and most egregious example of moral failure in world history. --(But still, God is forgiving.)

Starting first with the USA: If we total the war-dead in all of US history (from the Revolutionary War and then up through the Civil War, WW1 and WW2, as well as the Korean, Viet Nam, and Iraq wars, and all other wars combined), we have a grand total of about 3 million US war-dead. However, compare that with the number of induced abortions since 1980: There have been about 61 million US abortions. Thus, the abortion death-toll is 20 times worse than the total war-dead in all of US history.

And then, if we consider the actions of all mankind, we find that if we total up the world's war-dead since about 4000 B.C. right up to the present day (including the ancient wars from the beginning of civilization, up through WW1 (at 40 million), and WW2 (at 60 million), and all other wars, including all genocides and mass-murders (such as Stalin, Hitler and Mao) we get a grand total of about 400 million to 450 million war-dead for all of recorded human history. However, compare that number with the fact that since 1980 there have been 1.5 Billion induced abortions in the world ...carried out by this current generation of mankind. So, the world's abortion death-toll is three times worse than the total war-dead from all the wars and genocides in world history. --In the last 39 years, induced abortion has killed 1/5 of the world's population. --Imagine a war, or environmental disaster, or a disease plague that had done that... how would people react to that?

In looking at this horror, don't let anyone imagine that this generation of mankind will not have to answer to God for these baby-killings which have taken place under our watch. Induced abortion is the most massively horrific and brutally savage activity which has ever taken place in all the history of the world... worse in scale than all the world's wars and genocides put together ...and the numbers continue to climb! This gigantic toll is not likely to be exceeded by any other activity in the rest of world history --unless perhaps there comes a World War 3 involving all the world's nuclear nations fighting all-out with each other and all the other nations in the world. God forbid.

And then the reasons people have for getting induced abortions is usually for "money" reasons, and then -secondarily- for reasons of selfish "inconvenience" such as "bad timing" or "embarrassment." (Shouldn't the committing of murder be embarrassing?) These reasons are similar to the reasons for which wars are fought, but are often much more petty than motivations for war. Whatsmore, this gruesome activity is worse than the toll of all wars and genocides, not only in sheer numbers, but especially since the slaughtered unborn babies are absolutely weak and defenseless.

--But these babies in the womb are human individuals, made "in the image of God" (Gen. 1:27), which is verified by them having their own genetic codes, so that they are not part of the mother's body, and -in addition- they have their own heart-beat and can feel pain from a very early stage of development in the womb, such that induced abortion is a terrible, grisly and savagely sickening act of evil (regardless of whether abortion may be technically "legal"). --It doesn't matter that these deeds are approved by a woman and her doctor in private consultation.

This is the huge thing that compounds the evil of abortion: The fact that the victims are absolutely weak, helpless and defenseless. This is particularly offensive and infuriating to God.

Still, abortion is not the unforgivable sin. --God has provided a way of forgiveness for any person, through a sincere change of mind and sorrow for sin and an admission to the guilt of one's sin along with a willingness of heart to turn away from sin (repent), and also to come in surrender to Christ (who was sinless and yet he died on the cross to pay the death penalty for our sin) as one's Lord (divine boss) and Savior. The apostle Paul told people that in order to be saved from sin (and avoid hell), people "must turn to God in repentance and have faith (trust) in our Lord (and God) Jesus" (Acts 20:21). God will forgive and save anyone who sincerely has such a change of heart concerning sin, and comes in sincere surrender to the authority of Christ as divine Lord. Paul said, "If you declare (acknowledge as factually true) with your mouth 'Jesus is Lord' (and God), and believe (trust) in your heart that God raised him from the dead (physically), you will be saved" (Romans 10:9) ...saved from paying any eternal penalty for your sin; and you'll go to heaven.

#2: Sex Outside of Marriage

A second area of moral failure for this generation, is in the area of sexual behavior. Ravi Zacharias speaks of the USA regarding this: "Our country is descending into the vortex of moral destruction" (Ravi Zacharias, on rzim.com, 16-05-23). So, the question is: How prevalent is sexual immorality?

The National Institutes of Health reported in 2006 that about 95% of Americans have had sex before and/or outside of marriage (ref: N. I. H., http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17236611). This is a very prevalent moral failure, and has evidently remained high for decades.

In addition, though it might be wished that only a small proportion of "Christians" have behaved this way, the numbers show that sexual activity outside of marriage includes a large majority of "born again" or evangelical Christians. Various polls indicate that about 35% of Americans say they are "born again" Therefore --doing the math-- even if all of the 5% in the N.I.H. 2006 report are Christians who have remained chaste while unmarried, this would still mean that about 85% of American "born again" Christians have had extra-marital sex. Obviously, extra-marital sex participation is extremely high among Americans of every walk of life --not much better for Christians than non-Christians. Such levels and accepted openness of illicit sexual immorality are unprecedented in the history of the United States. A huge failure, indeed. --Statistics show it is the same in Canada. It's surely the same in other countries as well. --The indightment is huge.

The Bible teaches that fornication and adultery are sin (2Cor. 12:21; Mat. 15:19; Mk. 7:21-22), and a subset of this moral violation is predominate: Couples who live together (cohabitation with sexual intimacy) without getting married. --Statistics show that 75% of US women under age 30 live unmarried with a man (with sexual intimacy) for some period of time (ref: Bloomberg.com). --And beyond that, unmarried households make up about 50% of American households (unmarried.org).

Sex outside of marriage --including cohabitation-- is such a widespread and predominate practice in American life, that this is the culturally expected norm in the media and the performing arts. It seems that almost all movies and TV shows that involve even casual romantic male-female relationships, portray them as moving quickly, and happily into sexual intimacy without even a thought of marriage; and then in some shows, if the couples so desire, they then go easily and casually into cohabitation without any hesitation or concern. In the same vein, the media portray the very frequent use of heavy sexual terms such as the "F-word," and references to genital body parts, as well as women wearing clothing with neck-lines that are low-cut clear down to the navel. All of this is graphic testimony to the widespread and casual sexual evil in the real lives of Americans.

Three aggravating results of sex outside of marriage are the incidence of abortion (mentioned above), sexually transmitted diseases, and also births to unwed mothers. --Note: Babies born to unwed mothers are much more likely to live out their lives in poverty.

Pornography - Another related area of sexual immorality, is pornography. A webroot.com article points out that porn is "a significant theat to society," as there is a $16.9 billion cost in lost production due to porn viewing and transmitting in the workplace, and then also a far greater toll to families and particularly the youth. It is estimated that 40 million Americans regularly visit porn sites, and 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography. This activity inlfames all kinds of sexual immorality and disfunction in society.

However, God's Word --the Bible-- clearly teaches that sexual intimacy is supposed to be reserved exclusively for two people who are married.... and "marriage" is properly defined as: one man and one woman (Mat. 19:4-5) who are legally (and spiritually) bound to each other for life, and these two people reserve all sexual intimacy for each other exclusively (Heb. 13:4; 1Cor 7:2). This is the only human relationship that is accepted and blessed by God to include physical sexual intimacy (or intimacy in the imagination). Period. (Porn is also ruled out by this biblical definition of acceptable human sexual activity).

This biblical definition of marriage brings up a further pattern of immorality in society: Homosexual Activity (with physical intimacy). Similar to what has already been described, it seems that half of the shows and movies that include love-interests and sexual activity between people also include a homosexual couple. As if it is OK; and normal. --But it's not. It is sin (Romans 1:24, 26-28 and 1 Corinth. 6:9-11) in opposition to God's will.

As to extent, homosexual activity is widespread in American society (but to a much smaller degree than fornication/adultery), as the federal government recognizes same-sex marriage, and it has also been legalized in 37 of the 50 states. It seems inevitable that it will be legalized in the entire country before long. --The issue of homosexuality is an indicator of how God is dealing with the U.S., since Romans 1 explains that when a nation forsakes God, he then "gives them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity" (v.24) --as described just above. And then, as a nation turns further away from God, he further gives them over to "shameful," "unnatural" and "perverted" lusts which is describing homosexual practice in Romans 1:26,27. -- The widespread legalization and practice of such behavior is the "canary in the mine" which indicates that God is putting less restraint on evil in our nation, and is withdrawing his blessing and protection. Apparently, this judgment is now ongoing in America as we see this increase and acceptance.

The issue here is not to pick on a single area of sin as most particularly bad. Rather, all people are sinners before God, as "All have sinned" (Ro.3:23). However, the more widespread and more open acceptance of sexual sin by the average "man on the street," and worsening immorality within recent decades is a growing tragedy and decline of human culture.

The idea here is also NOT to advocate for unjust or unkind treatment of homosexuals in society --nor people engaged in other sexual sin between consenting adults. Quite the opposite. Every fair-minded and Bible-believing person must stand up for the civil rights and freedoms of these individuals, and for social, legal and econonmic fairness and kindness toward them. --The only thing being pointed out here is a sinful behavior... which can be repented of and is forgivable. --Of course, the just prosecution and punishment of sexual predatory behavior must be advocated.

The "Phobia" Accusation - It seems likely that because of this current section about homosexual immoral activity, the accusation of "homophobia" may be dealt out. However, a "phobia" is: "an irrational fear," and therefore, the warnings of this section are --instead-- rational, reasonable and well-founded, because God has judged homosexual activity --and actually all sex outside of marriage-- to be immoral and sinful. It is not a matter of "fear," but a matter of right and wrong. Similarly, it is also not a matter of "fear" to declare that abortion, fornication or adultery are wrong. No phobia there either. It is a matter of what is contrary to God's law and will, and what God condemns and will judge as evil.

I am not saying that all internal desire or attraction to homosexuality is just independently and eagerly chosen by the person who experiences those desires... any more than the temptation to steal or murder is chosen without any social influence at all. To some degree, any of these things may be a desire or attraction which inexplicably springs up in one's heart. --However, the decision to act upon such desires/attractions is a choice for which a person is responsible before God. Still, however, God is merciful to all who turn in sorrow from their sin, and come to him.

Thus, with this generation's extensive moral failures, it is not a surprise that God seems to be withdrawing his blessing and peace from the U.S. ...and other countries. --However, all is not necessarily lost. None of these are unforgivable sin. Any sin for which one is truly sorry (repentant) and willing to forsake that sin --and comes to God desiring forgiveness is forgivable. One only needs to come to Christ with a repentant change of mind about their sin, and trust in him for forgiveness and salvation.

Human Trafficking

According to Mr. Tim Ballard --former U.S. Department of Homeland Security special agent-- there are from 15,000 to 17,000 people who are trafficked into the USA on an annual basis. Most of them are females, and many of them are under-aged girls. The purpose for much of this trafficking is for prostitution, sex-slavery, and for the production of child pornography. It has come out that the USA is the largest consumer of child pornography in the world, and a huge consumer of "regular" pornography as well. The evil of such trafficking is obvious. (ref. Laura Ingraham Show, FoxNews, January, 2019)

Another reason for human trafficking is for labor slavery... and slavery in 2019 is a $150 Billion industry.

However, all this is not hopeless, because a person can turn away from any sin, and come to Christ.

The Solution

So, is there a remedy? Yes. -- What are we to do? -- Well, speak up for what is right, and pray our country will repent... but more importantly: we must personally trust in God, and repent and turn from our own sin and turn in surrender to Christ the Lord and God. If we humbly turn Rely on Christ alone, for he will never fail us. Only God's kingdom is an "eternal kingdom" (Dan. 4:3). If our treasure is in Christ, it will never fail(Luke 12:33). In this world we will have trouble and experience loss, but Jesus has overcome the world (Jn. 16:33). And if you belong to Christ, you too will overcome the world (1Jn. 5:4). Seek him daily with your whole heart (Mk. 12:33). Your blessing is sure.

Even though immorality is sin --sin is still forgivable, when one surrenders to the authority of the God-man, Christ. All the guilt can be totally cleansed and removed by the power of God, since Jesus died on the cross to pay the death-penalty for our sin, and he rose from the dead to prove that power. As we trust in him, our salvation from sin can be accomplished one person at a time.

Blessings to you all!

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