"A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth
is not worth many regrets." - Arthur C. Clarke



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Part of "Science":

Rewards for Evolution Evidence:

Abiogenesis Rewards:

A $10,000,000 prize is being offered by:
"The Evolution 2.0 Prize" web site for describing the natural chemical origin of a chemical coding system --such as that employed in DNA. The winning submission would be a purely natural "process where some chemicals, ...etc. generate, transmit and receive a simple code, without any intelligent being or other life-form creating, transmitting or receiving the code." It would entail "a formula or transformation process that turns matter into information directly, with no intelligent being or other life-form making it happen." ...See "The Evolution 2.0 Prize" website for details.

... OR ...

A $1,000,000 prize is being offered by:
"The Origin-of-Life Prize" web site for proposing "a highly plausible natural-process mechanism for the spontaneous rise of genetic instructions in nature sufficient to give rise to life."

(NOTE: Although the above "Origin-of-Life Prize" is in no way connected to or responsible for the positions taken on this "TestingWorldviews," the "Origin-of-Life Foundation," (which offers this "Origin-of-Life Prize") may be trying to coordinate an effort to substantiate that abiogenesis (a purely naturalistic and non-directed materialist origin to life) is within reasonably reachable probabilities.
---However, the TestingWorldviews.com Site opines that the overwhelming body of empirical evidence and statistical analysis would seem to clearly indicate that any such attempt to demonstrate a natualistic mechanism for abiogenesis will fail... as this site's article on abiogenesis explains.)

Reward from R. Totten and the TestingWorldviews.com WebSite:

A $2,000 Reward: ...to the first person delineating experimentally confirmed biochemical mechanism(s) which demonstrates that it is within reasonable statistical probability for the first biological information and life in the cosmos to have originated from non-living chemicals (abiogenesis) by purely natural processes, totally apart from the agency of any intelligent designer (essentially, a chemist). This mechanism must agree with empirical biochemical reality. --This abiogenesis-reward is contingent upon and will be given only to the person(s) who wins either the "Evolution 2.0 Prize" ($10,000,000) or the "Origin of Life Prize" ($1,000,000) described above. -- (The "Origin of Life Prize" is temporarily on hold because no serious submissions have been received, however, if anyone has a credible and significant submission, apparently it will be considered.)

Priority Issues:

1. How did inanimate chemicals almost totally limit the stereochemistry of proteins, RNA and DNA to only the Left-handed, life-permitting type?
(Please read about life's stereochemistry requirement of Homochirality)

2. Besides building functional proteins themselves, how did inanimate nature also establish a nucleotide coding system for the building of those correctly folding proteins? (See the "Evolution 2.0 Prize" above.)
(Please read about properly folding "Functional Proteins" (mid-page) at: "Abiogenesis")

3. How did inanimate nature properly sequence nucleotides to give coding instructions to the ribosomes to sequence amino acids into correctly folding proteins --and to create the ribosomes themselves?

4. How did inanimate nature establish and integrate a system of RNA suitable for the function of life? (Please read about the problems of an "RNA-world")

(Link to Definitions of: "Life", ...and of biological/DNA/genetic "Information")

Any proof?

If not, an intelligent designer is most probably the best explanation for the origin of biological information.

Also, intelligent design should be taught in schools on an equal footing along with ideas of evolutionary origins --for intellectual integrity.

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Old Earth Articles :

- - (TestingWorldviews.com stance is that the best evidence points to an old earth --and that the Bible teaches this perspective.)

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