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Notable Inventions and Discoveries
From the Past 800 Years

Rhett R. Totten - (c) 2010


This is a list of inventors and discoverers (not necessarily Christians) who worked basically from a biblical worldview . . . with virtually no one who subscribed to an eastern, pantheist or animist worldview (to my knowledge). The naturalistic worldview did not arise until the biblical worldview was already prevalent, and the scientific method had arisen out of the biblical worldview. In operational terms, naturalistic science operates fundamentally out of the previously existing biblical worldview.

Can this list be construed to imply that Europeans and Americans are more intelligent than other peoples on earth?
...Not at all! ---That would be a ridiculous notion.
---But it is the worldview (along with a measure of intellectual freedom) which makes all the difference.

A portion of the discoverers in the list subscribed to the Naturalist worldview, however, their view of nature by itself largely agrees with the biblical worldview.

In summary, the biblical view of the natural order is:
  1. Nature is real, not illusory or imaginary
  2. Nature is a "thing," not a God
  3. Nature is a good thing and worth studying
  4. Nature is unified, logical and orderly
  5. The natural order is mathematically precise
  6. Human minds can discover and understand the natural order

[Also, ...see a similar list of Nobel Prize Winners.]

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Date Invention or Discovery Inventor or Discoverer Nationality
1250Magnifying glassRoger Bacon English
1450Printing pressJohann Gutenberg German
1504Pocket watchPeter Henlein German
1590Compound microscopeZacharias Janssen Dutch
1593Water thermometerGalileo Italian
1608TelescopeHans Lippershey Dutch
1625Blood transfusionJean-Baptiste Denys French
1629Steam turbineGiovanni Branca Italian
1642Adding machineBlaise Pascal French
1643BarometerEvangelista Torricelli Italian
1650Air pumpOtto von Guericke German
1656Pendulum clockChristiaan Huygens Dutch
1661Methanol. - Volume, pressure, temperature relation in gases.Robert BoyleIrish
1668Reflecting telescopeIsaac NewtonEnglish
1671Calculating machineGottfried Wilhelm LeibnizGerman
1683BacteriaAnton van LeeuwenhoekDutch
1687Motion, Laws ofIsaac NewtonEnglish
1698Steam pumpThomas SaveryEnglish
1701Seed drillJethro TullEnglish
1710PianoBartolomeo CristoforiItalian
1712Steam engineThomas NewcomenBritish
1714Mercury thermometerDaniel Gabriel FahrenheitGerman
1717Diving bellEdmund HalleyEnglish
1725StereotypingWilliam GedScottish
1745Leyden jar (condenser)E.G. von KleistGerman
1752Lightning rodBenjamin FranklinAmerican
1758Achromatic lensJohn DollondBritish
1759Marine chronometerJohn HarrisonBritish
1764Spinning jennyJames HargreavesBritish
1769Spinning frameR. ArkwrightEnglish
1769Steam engine (with separate condenser)James WattBritish
1775SubmarineDavid BushnellAmerican
1780Steel penSamuel HarrisonEnglish
1780Bifocal lensBenjamin FranklinAmerican
1783Balloon, hot-airJoseph Michel Montgolfier and
Jacques E'tienne Montgolfier
1784Threshing machineAndrew MeikleBritish
1785Power loomEdmund CartwrightBritish
1786SteamboatJohn FitchAmerican
1788Flyball governorJames WattBritish
1791Gas turbineJohn BarberBritish
1792Illuminating gasWilliam MurdockScottish
1793Cotton ginEli WhitneyAmerican
1795Hydraulic pressJoseph BramahEnglish
1796LithographyAloys SenefelderGerman
1796Smallpox vaccinationEdward JennerBritish
1799Fourdrinier machine (papermaking)Louis RobertFrench
1800Jacquard loomJoseph Marie JacquardFrench
1800Electric batteryCount Alessandro VoltaItalian
1801Pattern loomJoseph Marie JacquardFrench
1804Screw propellerJohn StevensAmerican
1804Solid-fuel rocketWilliam CongreveBritish
1804Steam locomotiveRichard TrevithickBritish
1805ElectroplatingLuigi Gasparo BrugnatelliItalian
1810Food preservation (by sterilization & air-exclusion)Francois AppertFrench
1810Printing pressFrederick KoenigGerman
1814Railroad locomotiveGeorge StephensonBritish
1815Safety lampSir Humphry DavyBritish
1816Bicycle (no pedals)Karl D. SauerbronnGerman
1819StethoscopeRene' Theophile-Hyacinthe LaennecFrench
1820HygrometerJ.F. DaniellEnglish
1820GalvanometerJohann Salomo Cristoph SchweiggerGerman
1821Electric motorMichael FaradayBritish
1823SiliconJons Jakob BerzeliusSwedish
1823ElectromagnetWilliam SturgeonBritish
1824Portland cementJoseph AspdinBritish
1827Friction matchJohn WalkerBritish
1829TypewriterW.A. BurtAmerican
1829Braille printingLouis BrailleFrench
1830Platform scalesThaddeus FairbanksAmerican
1830Sewing machineBarthelemy ThimonnierFrench
1831Phosphorus matchCharles SauriaFrench
1831ReaperCyrus Hall McCormickAmerican
1831DynamoMichael FaradayBritish
1834Electric streetcarThomas DavenportAmerican
1835Pistol (revolver)Samuel ColtAmerican
1837TelegraphSamuel Finley Breese Morse
Sir Charles Wheatstone
1838Morse codeSamuel Finley Breese MorseAmerican
1839PhotographyLouis-Jacques-Mande' Daguerre
Joseph Nicephore Niepce
and William Henry Fox Talbot
1839Vulcanized rubberCharles GoodyearAmerican
1839Steam hammerJames NasmythScottish
1839Bicycle (with pedals)Kirkpatrick MacMillanBritish
1845Pneumatic tireRobert William ThompsonAmerican
1846Rotary printing pressRichard March HoeAmerican
1846NitroglycerinAscanio SobreroItalian
1846GuncottonChristian Friedrich SchoenbeinGerman
1846EtherCrawford Williamson LongAmerican
1849Reinforced concreteF.J. MonierFrench
1849Safety pinWalter HuntAmerican
1849Water turbineJames Bicheno FrancisAmerican
1850RefrigeratorAlexander Twining
& James Harrison
& Australian
1850Mercerized cottonJohn MercerBritish
1851Breech-loading rifleEdward MaynardAmerican
1851OpthalmoscopeHermann Ludwig Ferdinand von HelmholtzGerman
1852Nonrigid airshipHenri GiffardFrench
1852Elevator (with brake)Elisha Graves OtisAmerican
1852GyroscopeJean Bernard Leon FoucaultFrench
1855Hypodermic syringeAlexander WoodScottish
1855Safety matchesJ.E. LundstromSwedish
1856Bessemer converter (steel)Sir Henry BessemerBritish
1858HarvesterCharles and William MarshAmerican
1859SpectroscopeGustav Robert Kirchhoff and
Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
1860Internal-combustion engine
(gas, two-cycle)
Sadi Carnot (theory, 1824)
Jean-Joseph-Etienne Lenoir
1861Web-fed newspaper printing pressRichard March HoeAmerican
1861Electric furnaceWilhelm SiemensBritish
1861Machine gunRichard Jordan GatlingAmerican
1861KinematoscopeColeman SellersAmerican
1865Heredity, Laws ofGregor MendelAustrian
1865Antiseptic surgeryJoseph ListerEnglish
1866Paper (from wood pulp, sulfite process)Benjamin Chew TilghmanAmerican
1866DynamiteAlfred Bernhard NobelSwedish
1868Dry cellGeorges Leclanche'French
1868TypewriterCarlos Glidden and
Christopher Latham Sholes
1868Air brakeGeorge WestinghouseAmerican
1870CelluloidJohn Wesley Hyatt and Isaiah HyattAmerican
1871Continuous current dynamoZenobe-Theophile GrammeBelgian
1874Quadruplex telegraphThomas Alva EdisonAmerican
1875Atomated Machine-oilerElijah McCoy, the "Real McCoy"Canadian
1876Germ theory of diseaseLouis Pasteur (1859)
and Robert Koch
1876TelephoneAlexander Graham BellAmerican
1877Internal-combustion engine (four-cycle)Nikolaus August OttoGerman
1877Talking machine (phonograph)Thomas Alva EdisonAmerican
1877MicrophoneEmile BerlinerAmerican
1877Electric weldingElihu ThomsonAmerican
1877Refrigerator carG.F. SwiftAmerican
1878Cream separator Carl Gustav de LavalSwedish
1878Cathode ray tubeSir William CrookesBritish
1879Cash registerJames J. RittyAmerican
1879Light Bulb
(Incandescent filament)
Thomas Alva Edison
Sir Joseph Wilson Swan
1879Automobile engine (two-cycle)Karl BenzGerman
1879Arc lampCharles Francis BushAmerican
1880LinotypeOttmar MergenthalerAmerican
1884Steam turbineC.A. ParsonsEnglish
1884Rayon (nitrocellulose)Comte Hilaire Bernigaud de ChardonnetFrench
1884Multiple-wheel steam turbineSir Charles Algernon ParsonsBritish
1884Nipkow disk (mechanical television scanning device)Paul Gottlieb NipkowGerman
1884Fountain penLewis Edson WatermanAmerican
(w/ int.combustion engine)
Karl Benz and
Gottlieb Daimler
1885Graphophone (dictating machine)Chichester A. Bell and
Charles Sumner Tainter
1885AC transformerWilliam StanleyAmerican
1887Air-inflated rubber tireJ.B. DunlopScottish
1887Gramophone (disk records)Emile BerlinerAmerican
1887Gas mantleBaron Carl Auer von WelsbachAustrian
1887MimeographAlbert Blake DickAmerican
1887MonotypeTolbert LanstonAmerican
1887Automated Electric ElevatorAlexander MilesAmerican
1888Adding machine (recording)William Seward BurroughsAmerican
1888Kodak cameraGeorge EastmanAmerican
1889Steam turbineC.G. de LavalSwedish
1890Rayon (cuprammonium)Louis Henri DespeissisFrench
1891GliderOtto LilienthalGerman
1891Motion picture camera (kinetograph)Thomas Alva Edison
William K. L. Dickson
1891Motion picture viewer (kinetoscope)Thomas Alva Edison
William K. L. Dickson
1891Synthetic rubberSir William Augustus TildenBritish
1892AC motorNikola TeslaAmerican
1892Three-color cameraFrederick Eugene IvesAmerican
1892Rayon (viscose)Charles Frederick CrossBritish
1892Vacuum bottle (Dewar flask)Sir James DewarBritish
1893Photoelectric cellJulius Elster Hans F. GeitelGerman
1893Diesel engineRudolf DieselGerman
1893Gasoline automobileCharles Edgar Duryea and
J. Frank Duryea
1894Motion picture projectionLouis Jean Lumiere and Auguste Marie Lumiere
Charles Francis Jenkins

1895X-rayWilhelm Konrad RoentgenGerman
1895Rayon (acetate)Charles Frederick CrossBritish
1895Wireless telegraphMarchese Guglielmo MarconiItalian
1896Experimental airplaneSamuel Pierpont LangleyAmerican
1898Sensitized photographic paperLeo Hendrik BaekelandAmerican
1900Rigid dirigible airshipGraf Ferdinand von ZeppelinGerman
1902RadiotelephoneValdemar Poulsen
Reginald Aubrey Fessenden
1903AirplaneWilbur Wright and Orville WrightAmerican
1903Windshield wipersMary AndersonAmerican
1903ElectrocardiographWillem EinthovenDutch
1905Diode rectifier tube (radio)Sir John Ambrose FlemingBritish
1906GyrocompassHermann Anschutz-KaempfeGerman
1907Triode amplifier tube (radio)Lee De ForestAmerican
1908CellophaneJacques Edwin BrandenbergerSwiss
1908Two-color motion picture cameraC. Albert SmithBritish
1909SalvarsanPaul EhrlichGerman
1910Plastic synthesized (Bakelite)Leo H. BaekelandAmerican
1910Hydrogenation of coalFriedrich BergiusGerman
1910Gyroscopic compass and stabilizerElmer Ambrose SperryAmerican
1911Air conditioningW.H. CarrierAmerican
1911VitaminsCasimir FunkPolish
1911CellophaneJacques Edwin BrandenbergerSwiss
1911Neon lampGeorges ClaudeFrench
1912Mercury-vapor lampPeter Cooper HewittAmerican
1913Ramjet engineRene' LorinFrench
1913Multigrid electron tubeIrving LangmuirAmerican
1913Cracked gasolineWilliam Meriam BurtonAmerican
1913Heterodyne radio receiverReginald Aubrey FessendenAmerican
1914Gas-Mask (Hood)Garrett MorganAmerican
1915Automobile self-starterCharles Franklin KetteringAmerican
1916Browning gun (automatic rifle)John Moses BrowningAmerican
1916Gas-filled incandescent lampIrving LangmuirAmerican
1916X-ray tubeWilliam David CoolidgeAmerican
1919Mass spectrographSir Francis William Aston
Arthur Jeffrey Dempster
1922-26Sound motion picturesT.W. CaseAmerican
1922InsulinSir Frederick Grant BantingCanadian
1923AutogiroJuan de la CiervaSpanish
1923Television iconoscopeVladimir Kosma ZworykinAmerican
1923Three-way Traffic SignalGarrett MorganAmerican
1924Quick-frozen foodClarence BirdseyeAmerican
1925Television image dissector tubePhilo Taylor FarnsworthAmerican
1926Aerosol canErik RotheimNorwegian
1926Liquid-fuel rocketRobert Hutchings GoddardAmerican
1927Paints & Stains from soybeansGeorge W. CarverAmerican
1927-9Universe is ExpandingGeorge LeMaitre
Edwin P. Hubble
1928PenicillinSir Alexander FlemingBritish
1930Bathysphere(Charles) William BeebeAmerican
1930Freon (low-boiling fluorine compounds)Thomas Midgley and coworkersAmerican
1930Modern gas-turbine engineSir Frank WhittleBritish
1930Neoprene (synthetic rubber)Father Julius Arthur Nieuwland and Wallace Hume CarothersAmerican
1931CyclotronErnest Orlando LawrenceAmerican
1931Differential analyzer (analogue computer)Vannevar BushAmerican
1932Phase contrast microscopeFrits ZernikeDutch
1932Van de Graaff generatorRobert Jemison Van de GraaffAmerican
1933Frequency modulation (FM)Edwin Howard ArmstrongAmerican
1935Buna (synthetic rubber)German scientistsGerman
1935Radiolocator (radar)Sir Robert Watson-WattBritish
1935Cortisone synthesizedPercy Julian, Edward Kendall
Tadeus Reichstein
1935Electron microscopeGerman scientistsGerman
1935Sulfanllamide Gerhard DomagkGerman
1935NylonWallace Hume CarothersAmerican
1936Jet Engine PropulsionSir Frank Whittle
Hans von Ohain
1936Twin-rotor helicopterHeinrich FockeGerman
1937SnowmobileArmand BombardierCanadian
1938Ballpoint penGeorg and Ladislao BiroHungarian
1939DDTPaul MoellerSwiss
1939HelicopterIgor SikorskyAmerican
1940BetatronDonald William KerstAmerican
1941Turbojet aircraft engineSir Frank WhittleBritish
1942Guided missileWernher von BraunGerman
1942Nuclear reactorEnrico FermiAmerican
1942XerographyChester CarlsonAmerican
1944V-2 (rocket-propelled bomb)German scientistsGerman
1945Atomic bombU.S. government scientistsAmerican
1945StreptomycinSelman A. WaksmanAmerican
1946Digital computer, electronicJohn Presper Eckert, Jr., and
John W. Mauchly
1947HolographyDennis GabonEnglish
1947ChlormycetinMildred RebstockAmerican
1947Polaroid Land cameraEdwin Herbert LandAmerican
1947BathyscapheAuguste PiccardSwiss
1947Microwave ovenPercy L. SpencerAmerican
1948Scintillation counterHartmut KallmannGerman
1948AureomycinBenjamin Minge Duggar and
Chandra Bose Subba Row
1948TransistorJohn Bardeen, Walter Houser Brattain, and William ShockleyAmerican
1949Ramjet airplaneRene' LeducFrench
1950Color televisionPeter Carl GoldmarkAmerican
1950NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)Felix Bloch & Edward PurcellAmerican
1952Hydrogen bombU.S. government scientistsAmerican
1952Bubble chamber (nuclear particle detector)Donald Arthur GlaserAmerican
1953MaserCharles TownesAmerican
1953Structure of DNA describedJames Watson
and Francis Crick
1954Solar batteryBell Telephone Laboratory scientistsAmerican
1954Polio vaccineJonas SalkAmerican
1955Synthetic diamondsGeneral Electric scientistsAmerican
1955Carbon datingW.F. LibbyAmerican
1955Optical fibersNarinder S. KapanyIndian
1956HovercraftChristopher CockerellEnglish
1956First prototype rotary engineFelix WankelGerman
1956VideotapeCharles Ginsberg, Ray DolbyAmerican
1957Sodium-cooled atomic reactorU.S. government scientistsAmerican
1957Artificial earth satelliteUSSR government scientistsSoviet
1958Communications satelliteU.S. government scientistsAmerican
1959Integrated circuitJack Kilby, Robert NoyceAmerican
1960LaserCharles Hard Townes, Arthur L. Schawlow, and Gordon GouldAmerican
1960Chlorophyll synthesizedRobert Burns WoodwardAmerican
1960Birth-control pillGregory Pincus, John Rock, and
Min-chueh Chang
1962Light-emitting diode (LED)Nick Holonyak, Jr.American
1964Liquid-crystal displayGeorge HeilmeierAmerican
1965Kevlar technologyStephanie KwolekAmerican
1966Artificial heart (left ventricle)Michael Ellis DeBakeyAmerican
1966Tunable dye laserMary SpaethAmerican
1967Human heart transplantChristiaan Neethling BarnardSouth Africa
1969Internet (initially "ARPAnet")Leonard KleinrockAmerican
1970First full synthesis of a geneHar Gobind KhoranaAmerican
1971MicroprocessorTed HoffAmerican
1971Nuclear magnetic resonance imagingRaymond DamadianAmerican
1972Electronic pocket calculatorJ.S. Kilby and J.D. MerrymanAmerican
1972First magnetohydrodynamic power generatorUSSR government scientistsSoviet
1973Skylab orbiting space laboratoryU.S. government scientistsAmerican
1974EthernetRobert M. Metcalfe & D.R. BoggsAmerican
1974Recombinant DNA (genetic engineering)U.S. scientistsAmerican
1975CAT (computerized axial tomography) scannerGodfrey N. HounsfieldBritish
1975FiberopticsBell LaboratoriesAmerican
1976Computer (personal)Steve WozniakAmerican
1976SupercomputerJ.H. Van Tassel and Seymour CrayAmerican
1977MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)Paul Lauterbur and Peter MansfieldAmerican
1978Synthesis of human insulin genesRoberto Crea, Tadaaki Hirose, Adam Kraszewski, and Keiichi ItakuraAmerican
1978Mammal to mammal gene transplantsPaul Berg, Richard Mulligan, and Bruce HowardAmerican
1979Compact discJoop Sinjou
Toshi Tada Doi
1979Genetic flaw repaired in mouse cells by recombinant DNA and micromanipulation techniquesW. French Anderson and coworkersAmerican
1981Space transportation system (space shuttle)National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineersAmerican
1982Artificial heartRobert K. JarvikAmerican
1983Scanning tunneling microscopeGerd Binnig
Heinrich Rohrer
1986High-temperature superconductorsJ. Georg Bednorz
Karl A. Moeller
1992Magnetic boatYoshiro SajiJapanese

(Sources, mostly: http://encarta.msn.com/media_461532659/Notable_Inventions_and_Discoveries.html
and http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0004637.html)

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