"A faith that can not survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets" - Arthur C. Clarke

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Reasons to Believe - showing how breakthrough discoveries in the sciences continually enhance the scientific case for the God of the Bible.
Reasonable Faith - with Dr. Wm. Craig - Philosophical basis of the Biblical Worldview
Stand to Reason - with Greg Koukl - Logical reasoning in the Biblical Worldview
Leadership University - Presents essays on apologetics, science,& current issues. Site sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, Int'l.
Probe Ministries - Christian scholars, analyzing and challenging contemporary culture ...presenting a reasoned, biblical worldview.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - Biblical doctrine, and information on cults, etc.
Alpha Omega Ministries - James R. White's Christian Apologetics and Counter Cult Site.
Religious Information Network - Kevin & Jill (Martin) Rische's apologetics, based on Dr. Walter Martin's ministry.
Apologetics Press - Publishers of Reason & Revelation, a monthly journal on Christian evidences.
Christian Answers Network - Biblical answers to contemporary questions. Good variety and depth.

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